About the Workshops - Length of Time of Workshops

Many companies set me up to speak at their meetings for 1 to 1 ½ hours. Other companies have set up time periods of two to four hours. However, most companies set up full day workshops. Until people complete my workshops, many have a difficult time in believing that anyone can hold the groups attention for a full day. Some of the most frequently heard comments when my workshops come to a close are; "Where did the time go?" "Could we continue after dinner?" "Why haven't I heard this information before?" "If only I would have taken this workshop years ago my life would have been different." "Where did the time go?"

It is obvious that the more time I have, the more I can teach each of the participants. Whatever time you choose, ninety percent of the participants will report that the time passed so fast that they were unaware it was passing and that they would like to have more time.

If the objective is to generate real change in the performance of the participants, then I suggest at least a half day, and more if possible.

Setting up the room

Because each participant will take more notes than he or she has ever taken before, we suggest that the room be set up in a "class room" style.

Workbooks or Note Pads?

Workbooks are available for each of these workshops. Refer to our order form for current prices on the workbooks. If you choose not to use workbooks then we suggest that each participant have a fresh spiral ring notebook. Notes on pads tend to hit the trash can without ever being read.


  1. CD training sets are available. For personalized follow through.
  2. A 10 week follow through program is available to all Account Executives who wish to participate.

Most of us have experienced getting excited for a week or two and then falling back into old negative habits. This follow through program reduces the possibility of falling off the "change wagon" by over 400 percent.

We can set up a time period (normally one week) that each participant can call and talk to Aaron and discuss any problem that is creating performance problems.

If you are interested in having Aaron Hemsley conduct a workshop in your office or speak at one of your sales or management meetings, please call.

Each of these audio cassette training programs are available to be conducted in your office in an intensive workshop. Each workshop lasts a full day, however, Aaron conducts many seminars that run from one to three hours.