1. Maximum Performance Daily Record System

This workbook is much more than simply a daily planner that was exclusively written for financial advisors. It is a tool of behavior modification as well as performance psychology that has been infused into each aspect of the planner. It teaches you how to coach yourself on a daily basis. It uses the information taught to you by Dr. Hemsley in the audio CD training program, and it also expands the program with 40 pages of additional text, that will help to increase your understanding of some of the basic concepts of the program. You can use it in conjunction with our personal performance coaching 10 week program, or on your own. It is a powerful, meaningful, and highly effective tool for the serious financial advisor who is working on increasing their productivity, building their emotional strength and striving to improve their daily performance. This planner is also a one time purchase – and you will be able to use the templates contained in this workbook for as long as you are in the industry. NOTE: This workbook is for end user ONLY and cannot be shared.

Some of the differences you will find between The Maximum Performance Daily Record System and other planners:

  1. You begin each week with a Performance Contract.
  2. You end each week with an Intensive Weekly Self-Evaluation. (Recording the difference between what you committed to do, and what you actually did, and how you feel about that.)
  3. You record your SUDS score throughout each day.
  4. You record the rewards you will receive each day.
  5. You will identify your Daily Targets.
  6. You will turn your work day into a game – playing for a 100 point day.
  7. You will write in a Performance Journal each day – and we will teach you how to turn it into a powerful self-coaching tool.
  8. The planner will include all of your prospecting and client building activities.
  9. It also includes additional detailed information on how to use the behavior modification techniques more effectively, how to set up a personal reward system that will work for you, and how to acquire the daily structure of a "big hitter."
  10. It includes additional information that is not in the CDs or the workbook that will help you follow the program and stick to it, and avoid the pitfalls of past failures.
  11. There are weekly assignments and challenges that were designed to help you to bust through your Comfort Zones and simultaneously increase your people awareness skills.**

** These are the assignments that I give to the million dollar producers that I personally coach. Many of them have said, "The weekly assignments alone were responsible for quantum leaps in their production." - Aaron

The Maximum Performance Daily Record System is an invaluable tool for learning how to make permanent changes and establish patterns of performance enhancing behaviors and habits. If you have questions regarding this workbook, please call our office at (702)614-8358 (pacific standard time).

2. The Psychology of Maximum Sales Performance Workbook

Contains 90 pages of articles, assessments and activities designed to help you learn and implement the idea taught in The Psychology of Maximum Sales Performance program.

This workbook is included with the The Psychology of Maximum Sales Performance program. It is updated once each year to keep the program current and up-to-date. If you already own The Psychology of Maximum Sales Performance program, you can order just the updated workbook.

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