The Psychology of
Maximum Sales Performance

The Psychology of
Golden Referral Prospecting

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The Psychology of
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The Psychology of Maximum Sales Performance

Maximum performance is not a mysterious gift, it can be achieved by everyone who follows a carefully detailed procedure that produces concrete improvement. You will realize that you are capable of doing what you formerly were afraid even to try.

Experience proves that a modest change in your behavior will enable you to eliminate your self-sabotaging habits and maximize your performance.


  • All performance problems are psychological problems.
  • Neither additional product knowledge nor sales skill training will solve psychological problems.
  • Psychological problems have always, and will always, demand psychological solutions.

Treating performance problems in a scientific manner has several benefits. It demystifies them, and in doing so makes them accessible to rational, objective, solutions, it does away with vague concepts and substitutes current psychological techniques. The belief that you cannot change, is in itself, perhaps the greatest barrier to constructive change.

This program reduces the gap between the way things are and the way we would like them to be. The price of improvement has always been high. This program lowers that price.

This program is designed for salespeople who are:

  • Are experienced, but they know at a very real level that they are underachieving.
  • Who are motivated to maximize their performance.
  • Who are willing to follow a behavior modification program.

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The Psychology of Golden Referral Prospecting

The name of the game is prospecting. The most effective method is referred lead prospecting. That's what this program is all about. Understanding and implementing the Golden Referral Process. You will learn how to develop referrals from clients, centers of influence, and prospects.

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Quantum Leap Training

Peak performance under pressure. This is an adventure into the world within you to help you to comprehend the forces that drive you. With this understanding you will create a fresh perspective and achieve a new mastery of your life. I am going to give you some powerful tools to discover your inner strengths, solve your problems and build a more successful life. This is a program about succeeding, setting new limits, creating new rules, which typically result in quantum leaps in your production.

Top producers have the capacity for instant change. They are capable of making immediate and long-lasting decisions that can have a profound influence on their emotional well being. In other words, even if someone has responded incorrectly to a given situation for many years, a systematic corrective exercise can correct the problem there and then.

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The Psychology of Kicking Sales Fears

Fear is the single emotion we need to understand most. It is one of the strongest forces we will ever feel and the source of motivation to escape and avoid prospecting and confronting angry clients. Fear can destroy motivation, cause ulcers, and profoundly influence your ability to prospect. To grow into something we want for ourselves or to make contact with prospects and clients, we need to risk - to move through a barrier of fear. We are fearful of looking stupid, being weak, making mistakes, of what others will think, of being hurt, or being rejected, of change, the unknown, of failing and even of becoming too successful.

Filled with clear, practical suggestions on how to reinvent yourself after a setback - how to analyze what went wrong, deal with your fears, and gain renewed confidence - this program reminds us that there is no shame in failing. Only in not taking risks or learning from defeat.

(The Psychology of Maximum Sales Performance is a prerequisite for this program).

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The Psychology of Persuasion

The next decade is going to be dramatically different from the last three decades. This program is creating new and more powerful relationships. The program is designed to help experienced top producers refine their interviewing, questioning, listening, and closing skills.

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Coaching Account Executives

Coaching Account Executives - Description coming soon.

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